The Embassy of People's Democratic Republic of Algeria

The procedures to open an economic representative office in Algeria , as follow:


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National Service


Registration for the national service
The Algerian nationals having achieved the age old eighteen (18), owing to the national service Code, have to register with the diplomatic or consular post of their place of the residence.
Students applicant must produce a letter of admission to a university.
Other application for deferment
(in the case of brother's incorporation in the national service

1. For medical reasons:
The applicant must constitute a complete medical file and undergo tests administered by the medical commission for military service aptitude.

2. for social reasons :
The Algerian nationals duly registered can apply for exemption from liability to National Service provided they satisfy certain criteria.
They can, to this effect, make up a file to convey for examination to the Ministry of National Defense service dealing with the question.
The file must consist of the following documents:

  • a handwritten application addressed to the Ministry of the Ministry of National Defense under the authority of the Ambassador of Algeria to Indonesia
  • an record of civil status (individual)
  • two recent photograph of same print
  • a family record of civil status (for married people)
  • a record of divorce or separation where applicable
  • a proof of end of studies
  • copies of achieved qualifications
  • the last three pay slips or/and work contract or any other document certifying the exercise of a liberal profession
  • an attestation of non paid activity or any other proof of work incapacity
  • a family civil status record of the parents
  • the father's death certificate, if applicable
  • married brothers family civil status record
  • a written proof of the brother's situation in connection with the National Service.

Incomplete files will not be taken into account and will be returned to the applicants.

3. Exemption for the only son of a revolution martyr (Chahid)
The exemption application file must consist of the following documents :

  • a handwritten application
  • a certified attestation consistent with the original of only son of Chahid
  • a true copy of authenticated extract from the register of old members of the National Liberation Army (NLA) or of the National Liberation Front Civil Organization (NLFCO)
  • a family record of the applicant civil status
  • a family record of the parents civil status