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The procedures to open an economic representative office in Algeria , as follow:


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Change of residence

General condition to profit by a change of residence certificate |

Algerian nationals having lived at least three years abroad can, at the time of return to Algeria, import their personal belonging exempt from customs duty and external commerce formalities.
The maximum value authorized in this case is two million Algerian dinars including the value of a car.
It is of one million and half Algerian dinars, the vehicle included, for students and trainees.
The vehicle imported in this situation must be a tourist car, less than three years old or a utilitarian vehicle, less than three years old with a power engine inferior or equal to 10 power horse and not exceeding a total weight of 5.950 ton.

Application for change of residence :

The Applicant must produce the following documents:

  • a valid consular registration card
  • a declaration of final departure to Algeria
  • the residence permit of the country of residence
  • the car documents (originals of vehicle registration documents and the invoice of sale)
  • the detailed inventory of the personal belongings with an indication of value, in Algerian Dinars, for each item.

The applicant must pay stamp duty according to the fee table.